The idea of comparing similar objects with photographs in a grid goes back over a century, but had its coming out party with the Bechers in the 1960s.

My typologies are meant to be more irregular, funny, and dry. They have nothing to do with simulacra, collecting, or obsession.

I have sometimes tried to be complete about a subject, but usually found that there are grey edges everywhere--stacks of cut wood that aren’t quite big enough to look like a stack, an arch in a prison that isn’t quite the same size, a six inch adjustable wrench that I’ve never seen before.

The defining parameters are given for each.


Lumberjack Stacks, the Pine Bush, 2016

Circles of Light and Duct Tape, Troy, NY, 2016

Six inch made in U.S.A. adjustable wrenches, 2018

Hand held citrus reamers, 2018