Short Story Project: 2013-14


What does a short story look like being read? Does an author ever wonder where their words end up--the final place, in someone’s time and space?

Albany, (Tobias Wolff), 2013

In 2013, as a writer as much as a photographer, I started on a series of about 80 short story readings, each from a living author in English. The exposures, of me reading, are exactly whatever time it took to read each story--in some cases ten minutes, but usually closer to twenty and sometimes more. (I won’t do Moby Dick in one sitting, but I’ve considered a marathon short novel reading, without amphetamines.)

I’ve since mailed a finished printed photograph to the authors inviting their replies--and some have returned wonderful short notes (and one drawing). The images stand on their own, but once I have enough responses they will be part of the project, too.

I thought I was done by December, 2013, but I have a few more going, so we’ll see.


Albany, (Daniel Alarcon), 2013                                           Albany, (Annie Proulx), 2013

Schenectady, (Bill Gaston), 2013                                          Assateague, (Ken Foster), 2013

Albany, (Jere Hoar), 2013

Portsmouth, NH, (Marisa Silver), 2013                               Albany, (Neil Gaiman), 2013